Instructions for generating input files for Argot2 consensus process

If your goal is to compare Argot2 performances and you want to provide customized scores then you can use the consensus analysis.

Input files for this kind of analysis MUST be ZIP archives containing a TAB separated values file (its name is irrelevant). Scores have to be positive numbers between 0.000001, to ensure finite results, since computations involve logarithms, and 300. The higher the score the more significant the GO term.

Example file

As an example, the following table could be generated in Excel and then copied/pasted into a text file, which will then have to be zipped and uploaded.

GO:0003824 104 D1DVV71
GO:0005488 39.1547338619711 Pfam-B_281
GO:0005488 34.9993997594098 Q1DGC91
GO:0043565 49.2218413774445 C0EKP0
GO:0003677 48.999992097773 HR1
GO:0016020 0.0157360407937456 Rotamase
... ... ...