Welcome to the web interface

web server is the first attempt to automatically infer which functional specificities and commonalities exist among different taxa. The algorithm considers Gene Ontology terms and their frequencies found in GOA database. Since annotations are linked to proteins, the frequencies of GO terms can be associated to the species which the proteins belong to. This association between GO terms and taxa is exploited to infer which terms are allowed or forbidden for annotating proteins of a particular taxon, providing a set of constraints between them. Due to lack of annotation for the majority of species, the taxonomic tree is reduced by collapsing all branches to a generic level of taxonomy (class level) and the algorithm exploits this higher hierarchical membership of taxonomy. Since the constraints nearly cover the whole taxonomy, it is also possible to obtain the mapping of a function over the taxonomy and, consequently, the tool can be used:

  1. to discover how functional knowledge is distributed over taxa
  2. to discover if there is an unexpected missing functional knowledge for some taxa
  3. to detect improper/erroneous associations between taxa and functions

Choose a service among the following:

  1. Show constraints for a GO term

    By specifying a GO term, a list of the allowed and the forbidden taxa will be produced; they will be also shown in the context of the taxonomic hierarchy.

  2. Show a functional map for a taxon or a pair of taxa

    By specifying a taxon, a map of its functions will be shown; a differential map will be provided for two different taxa.

  3. Match constraints

    By specifying a taxon and a list of user's GO terms, the list of the compatible functions will be provided along with suitable alternatives for non compatible GO terms.