We present a novel server Argot2.5 (Annotation Retrieval of Genel Ontology Terms), that is an enhancement of previous server Argot2 able to quickly process thousands of sequences for functional inference. The tool exploits a combined approach based on the clustering process of GO terms dependent on their semantic similarities and a weighting scheme which assesses retrieved hits sharing a certain degree of biological features with the sequence to annotate. These hits may be obtained by different methods as BLAST, HMMER and so on. In the present web server we allow users to interact with Argot2.5 in different ways according to specific needs and expertise.

The new features implemented in the web server are:

  • word and bigrams clouds of functional predicted Gene Ontology terms to ease the readability of the results
  • a clustered version of Uniprot for Blast searches in order to remove redundancy and speed up searching time
  • a novel semantic similarity measure, called simGIC
  • an extended set of taxonomic constraints applied according to the automatic in-house developed tool FunTaxIS, that expands the list provided by Gene Ontology Consortium (GOC)

  • If you use our service, please cite:
    • Lavezzo E., Falda M., Fontana P., Bianco L., Toppo S. Enhancing protein function prediction with taxonomic constraints – The Argot2.5 web server.
      Methods, vol. 93, pp. 15-23, 2016.
    Research Group


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