Welcome to FunTaxIS-Lite (Functional Taxonomy Information System)

FunTaxIS-lite is a tool devised to define which protein functions are allowed in all living organisms. To accomplish this task, the tool infers taxon-based constraints applied to Gene Ontology (GO) terms, greatly extending and improving those provided by the GO Consortium. The algorithm relise on a set of rules to explore and propagate the constraints at taxon hierarchy level and GO graph level respectively. Data are routinely extracted from the NCBI taxonomy database, available GO annotations (GOA) in GOA database, and GO graph. The tool is aimed at improving automatic function prediction annotation algorithms by filtering out potentially wrong annotations and to help in assessing the electronically inferred annotations (IEA) of the GOA database.


FunTaxIS-Lite web-server provides all the forbidden GO terms (NEVER IN) for a certain species. Go to the Taxonomy Constraints Database and search for taxon constraints.


FunTaxIS-lite is freely available. You can download and install the stand-alone version from our GitHub Repository

Taxonomy Constraints Database

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