Stefano Toppo

Stefano Toppo

Stefano Toppo

Stefano Toppo, PhD

Full Professor of Biochemistry/Bioinformatics
Department of Molecular Medicine
University of Padova
Viale G. Colombo, 3
35131 Padova, Italy
Tel: +390498276958
Fax: +390498073310
Email: stefano.toppo[at]

I lead the group of MedComp (Computational Medicine). We work on different fields of research with a particular focus on Bioinformatics, Biochemistry and more in general in other “omics” areas as Transcriptomics, Proteomics, and Genomics.


what they say about me!

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  2. School of Medicine Magazine -Interview (in italian)
  3. Argot2 – 2nd best performing automatic tool for protein function prediction. Italian press release collection

Curriculum vitae (update October 2016)

Google scholar

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